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7 Reasons To Choose Us For Web Design & Help

Cost Effective
With our web management package, we will make any changes you request to pictures, text, testimonials, colours, service details etc at no extra cost to to you. This will give you peace of mind that there are no nasty bills around the corner for you! We work closely with GoCardless so you have no hassle about keeping on top of our small monthly fee, the direct debit takes care of it for you. As a small design agency, our packages are designed for small businesses who do not need a bespoke website with the large agency fees that go along with it, we work from a selection of 1000's of different templates to provide you the web presence perfectly suited for you.

Honest & Upfront
We will always have an honest and upfront conversation about what you need from your website and if we can provide that for you. If we feel that you need a larger agency than us to look after you, we will be more than happy to recommend a number of companies for you who are able to provide more technical bespoke service. 9 times out of 10, we have found that our solution is perfectly suited. We are also honest that when we feel your website has outgrown what we can do for you, we can point you in the right direction for this also.
There are many parts of the online world that you may have heard of that you 'need' for your business. This could be Google My Business, Video Production, Social Media, PPC, email marketing etc. We are able to advise and help in these areas but if we feel you need a specialist for these areas too, we will let you know.

Fast Turnaround
We are able to turn around your website from the moment we have all your content in around 7 days. That means it will be live and ready for the world to see in just a few days.

No Hassle
We believe that it is our job to take the hassle from you to allow you to run your business with one less thing to think about. We will look after your email, hosting, domain & website. We will not bamboozle you with techy speak. If someone has a little technical knowledge, then great, if not then its no problem at all. That's what were here for.

Time Management
With large agencies, you may have to arrange a meeting just to ask for a photo or two to be changed on your website, this goes against what we believe in for our time management too. We are more than happy to liaise on email, telephone, or even on a zoom call. We have a young family too so spending time with them is the most important thing in the world to us. (your website comes a close second of course)

My Experience
Your website will benefit from my training at Christchurch University in Canterbury as well as over 10 years experience in working in web. I am now in my 40's so have a fair bit of life experience to compliment this, and not be promising you the world then disappearing off the planet like many website designers unfortunately do. I am in it for the long term, and my main aim is to help businesses grow and I absolutely love seeing it

We WILL NOT get you to first page of Google
OK, depending on your business sector, we might, but you definitely will not find us making these promises. To get there, Search engine optimisation is needed on your site, (as well as off of it) and it can take 3 - 12 months to get there. We will work with you on this. One of the key elements for this is the user having a good experience on your site. Stuffing the website with your keywords just doesn't do the trick any more. Google wants to see pages with relevant content where users are more likely to fill in a form etc.


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